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Purpose Before Profit

Who We Are

Peer Guidance is a Purpose Before Profit Strategy Group based out of Calgary, Alberta, that supports companies, as they go from inception to exit.

We offer much more than business advice; for some companies, we are an outsourced part of their team and have been for several years.

To sum it up, we’re a small team of Entrepreneurs who assist with growth, planning, guiding and development through a professional, relaxed and friendly approach.

Founders Coffee

Founders Coffee YYC is for Entrepreneurs, Startups & Small Businesses! Come on down if you want to meet like-minded people.

We meet every Tuesday 7:30am at Red’s Diner In Kensington.

Telling It Like It Is

Telling It Like It Is – A LIVE Interview every Wednesday 9:30am MST. A 25-minute discussion that shares Startups, Entrepreneur’s stories. Sharing knowledge and reaching out is an excellent way to help Entrepreneurs learn from each other.

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