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Purpose Before Profit

Who We Are

Peer Guidance is a Purpose Before Profit Strategy Group that supports companies, and they go from inception to exit.

We offer much more than business advice; for some companies, we are an outsourced part of their team and have been for seven years

To sum it up, we’re a small team of Entrepreneurs who assist with growth, planning and development through a professional, relaxed and friendly approach.

What We Do

Every Startup, Entrepreneur and Small Business is different, and they come to us for many reasons.

Boosting sales, number crunching, expansion, HR, raising capital, marketing and idea generation are just some of the areas we work on. The common theme is that they all want to be better.

We’re pretty different from the traditional consulting practices. You’ll find no boring briefcases, we support our clients 24/7, and we work with what you can afford.

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