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Purpose Before Profit

We guide Startups, Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses through their challenges. Focusing on Scale, Growth & Angel Investing. A group of carefully curated entrepreneurs has assembled for a noble, Purpose Before Profit — to pay those honest conversations forward. We’re here to listen, connect, offer honest advice and guide you, via our vast network, to the resources and funds you need to build a successful business.

What We Do?

Peer Guidance is a Purpose Before Profit group that guides startups through the challenges they face as they go from inception to expansion. This can be challenging, and asking for guidance is not a sign of weakness.

Financial Analysis

Ensure that the money you have invested is appropriately managed and spent focussing on growth.


Establish and Execute Value Proposition

Execute a Business Development Plan that Accelerates Growth

Online Lead Generation Strategy

Valuable Networks Used to Open Doors

Plan for Company Employee Expansion

Design and Development


Develop a Plan Within Your Budget that Focusses on The Growth of Your Company

  Bottom Line Focussed Analytics

Content Creation


Investors Focussed on Alberta-Based Companies

Looking to Invest in Early-Stage Companies that Want to Scale and Invest Back in Our Economy

Proven Investment Success


Meet Our Guides

Jade Alberts

Peer Guidance - Founder
Jade Alberts Consulting - Founder
Telling It Like It is Facebook Live -  Founder
Founders Coffee YYC - Founder

Koleya Karringten
Canadian Blockchain Consortium - Executive Director
Elevate Aviation - Vice Chair Board of Directors
Absolute Combustion and BitQuest - Co-Founder/CEO
Canadian Blockchain Assoc. for Women - Co-Founder
Peter Lafontaine

Rainforest Energy - Executive Chairman
Win Helix - Founder 
Community Builder 

Dafne Canales Lees

Spartan Spark - Founder/CEO
Trustini - Founder/Executive Director

Mo Aladin

Big Sky Hospitality - President & COO
Owner  of 8 Montana’s
Big Sky HR - Founder
Big Sky Tek - Founder 


Healthy Heart Sleep Company hired Jade and Peer Guidance. They reviewed our finances, helped construct a new Vision, Marketing Strategy, Digital Strategy, and Business Plan. These implementations helped us sell our company. Their knowledge and experience of the selling process helped us receive what wants we wanted. They are honest and think of our company as if it was their own. We highly recommend Peer Guidance to any business that wants to scale.
George Handley
Founder of Healthy Heart Sleep Company
Evolutioneyes hired Peer Guidance, and they helped execute our business plan into a company. They helped create our name, logo and connected us to the right people that launched our business in Alberta. We were off to a great start, and then COVID hit. During this time, they supported us by waiving their fees and continuing the work at no charge. We are now creating a new plan to grow our business in a post-COVID Alberta. If you are a start-up looking to grow and scale, we highly recommend Peer Guidance!
Dr. Trent Colberg and Taylor Colberg
Founders of Evolutioneyes Mobile Optometry Clinic

Our Pledge

We are a group of successful current Entrepreneurs that have started, struggled, thrived, and sold businesses throughout their careers. We can be that helping hand that listens, connects, offers honest feedback, and can introduce the entrepreneur to VC’s or other financial options that are available to accelerate growth.
A solid operation starts with the right culture and people the fit that culture. This group helps solidify the culture, assist in finding the right person from the vast network of connections.
Monetizing a business in the current environment can be challenging, and Peer Guidance can help take your vision to profitability.