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Our approach

Clients come to us in various ways and our roles are different for each one. From acting as business partners for one-man bands and startups, to providing strategic advice for small, medium enterprises (SME), or even tackling problems. Below are a list of some of our engagement USP’s.

advise entrepreneurs

Month to Month

We only work month to month with our clients. No matter the type of work, implementation is the most important factor and this only works when there is transparent and trusting relationship in place. The usual 2 week management session just doesn’t work anymore.

Proper Sessions

We try to make all of our monthly meetings face to face. This relationship allows for greater engagement, better friendships, and helps us produce lasting results.

No Contracts

We don’t do contracts,  a shake of a hand is all that is required by us. Trust is paramount in what we do.

To The Point

Getting to the point has always been our main priority. We skip the useless information and start giving you the information you need from the first meeting.


Peer Guidance is industry agnostic and has been able to work across various industries. This has allowed us to become knowledgeable across multiple disciplines. Throughout this experience, it has allowed us to adapt and transfer insight to our clients.

The Journey

We help our clients whenever they need us, even during non-working hours and sometimes with either personal or business issues. Many of our clients have worked with us for years, we put in the effort, and the results are enjoyed by the client.


Have a look in detail on what we do and what we focus on

Financial Analysis

  • Peer Guidance will listen and advise on how to invest your money.
  • Decisions on managing your money can be the difference between success and failure. In many cases, there will be tough choices. An experienced guide can help ensure the right choice is made for you and your interests. 
  • Peer Guidance helps ensure that the money you have invested is appropriately managed and spent focusing on growth.
  • Having access to money is also essential. Banks, Partnerships, Private Lending, Private Equity, Angel or Venture Capital are options Peer Guidance can introduce you to. 
  • With peers guiding the way, your selection can be made with confidence.


  • Establish and Execute Value Proposition.
  • Execute a Business Development Plan that Accelerates Growth.
  • Online Lead Generation Strategy.
  • Valuable Networks Used to Open Doors.
  • Plan for Company Employee Expansion.
  • Design and Development.


  • Investors Focused on Alberta-Based Companies.
  • Looking to Invest in Early-Stage Companies that Want to Scale and Invest Back in Our Economy.
  • Proven Investment Success.


  • Develop a Plan Within Your Budget that Focuses on The Growth of Your Company.
  • Bottom Line Focused Analytics.
  • Content Creation.