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Financial Analysis

Peer Guidance will listen and advise on how to invest your money. Decisions on managing your money can be the difference between success and failure. In many cases, there will be tough choices. An experienced guide can help ensure the right choice is made for you and your interests.  Peer Guidance helps ensure that the money you have invested is appropriately managed and spent focussing on growth.

Having access to money is also essential. Banks, Partnerships, Private Lending, Private Equity, Angel or Venture Capital are options Peer Guidance can introduce you to.  With peers guiding the way, your selection can be made with confidence.


  • Establish and Execute Value Proposition
  • Execute a Business Development Plan that Accelerates Growth
  • Online Lead Generation Strategy
  • Valuable Networks Used to Open Doors
  • Plan for Company Employee Expansion
  • Design and Development¬†


  • Develop a Plan Within Your Budget that Focusses on The Growth of Your Company
  • Bottom Line Focussed Analytics
  • Content Creation


  • Investors Focussed on Alberta-Based Companies
  • Looking to Invest in Early-Stage Companies that Want to Scale and Invest Back in Our Economy
  • Proven Investment Success