Peer Guidance

Who We Are?

Meet our four knowledgeable and skilled guides and find out who we are!

Jade Alberts
Peer Guidance – Founder
Angel Investor
Telling It Like It Is – Founder
Founders Coffee YYC - Founder


Jade is an Entrepreneur, Angel Investor and a Strategist that Tells It Like It Is. He's had a successful career as a sales Entrepreneur. Yes, he means Sales Entrepreneur. He was allowed to create the sales that allowed him to understand growth, margin and profit. This was extremely handy when he became an Entrepreneur. He now shares his knowledge with aspiring entrepreneurs as he believes lack of capital should not get in the way of what you need to succeed. He has exited a business and helped three others exit.

Our team has done the following during our entrepreneurial journeys:

Raised Capital
Created Sales Playbooks
Created Budgets
Asked for help
Hired People
Scaled Nationally
Built Sales Teams
Made Connections
Built Internal Teams
Created Marketing Plans
Wondered when we will make money
Created Content
Create Policies and Contracts
Fired People
Sleepless Nights
Created Positive Cultures
Designed Websites
Failed and Learned from it
Exited Businesses
Sold Businesses
Celebrated Successes

Does this sound like something you are going through?

We can help.

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Mo Aladin, BSc.
President & FOUNDER, Big Sky Hospitality Inc.
Co-Founder Peer Guidance Group

Mo’s passion and drive comes from developing people of all levels from entrepreneurs to senior executives. His career encompasses many industries including Tech, Pharmacy, Environmental Biology, and Hospitality.

Mo has over 25 years in running businesses (small to over 350 employees) and HR Leadership in the training and development of teams. As an Founder of Big Sky Hospitality Inc with over 350 employees provided many challenges that he turned into opportunities to create: the right culture, design and implement succession planning, develop leaders, grow sales, and increase profitability, all in an ethical, safe, and integral manner. He has also effectively coached executives in these areas. He has helped transition leaders from one career to another and sharpen their style to take on a bigger or more challenging role. In his Peer Guidance group, he helps entrepreneurs with great ideas bring forward creative solutions as well as mentoring them to be a better.

His specialties are Planning for the Future, Transformation and putting a mirror to executives and helping them with self-discovery. His strong people background helps him bring forth strategies on professional and team development. Culture drives performance not words or vision and mission statements on a wall. Living the principles makes people work for you.

Mo believes in a balanced approach to life, Mental physical, emotional and spiritual. His mental approach if to read great books and listen to podcasts that expand his mind, physically he is engaged in competitive Tennis and Squash. Emotional is his cultivation and desire to continue to have a strong family and friends who keep him grounded and finally his spiritual need is to meditate, think about why we are here and what are you leaving behind to the next generation. “No one will care how much money you made only how you made them feel”.

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Peter Lafontaine
Rainforest Energy - Executive Chairman
Win Helix - Founder 
Community Builder 


Peter is a dynamic business leader with more than two decades of experience leading and building top performing sales and marketing teams, growing company revenues and bringing technology and business solutions to the market. He has strong people and relationship skills and a strong executive level business and political network. He has solid understanding of new technology enablers and how they can be used to accelerate competitiveness, lower operating costs, and align organizations. He is an Entrepreneur and has worked in leadership for several international fortune 100 technology companies.

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Kyle Kanovsky
Visus Consulting - Top Line Growth Expert


Kyle's professional passion is helping to grow the Alberta and Prairie early-stage technology ecosystem. For the last 8 years, he has been working with, and investing in, early-stage technology companies in Alberta and Saskatchewan, as well as establishing a strong province and country-wide network within the early-stage vertical. As a consultant, his core discipline is "top-line growth strategy”, with his typical focus areas being business development strategy and marketing strategy.

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