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In today’s episode of the Super Entrepreneurs podcast, I’m joined by Jade Alberts. He is an entrepreneur who, at some point, exited his startup business. However, he is now the President and founder of Peer Guidance, an ecosystem to guide and interact with entrepreneurs. Jade also runs a weekly Facebook live show ’’Tell it Like it is.’’

Jade explains his endeavor in helping businesses in their struggles right from inception to exit.
He also gives an insight on how his podcast is a great networking place for different entrepreneurs.

How Jades Alberts Helps Entrepreneurs

After exiting entrepreneurship, people asked for Jade’s help in running successful businesses. That’s where he began his journey.

Jade says that they focus on giving the right advice to entrepreneurs regardless of how much money they can afford. The team’s major aim is to guide entrepreneurs rather than making profits. Their joy as a team is sharing knowledge with the startups.

Which Business Can Get Support?

Jade clarifies that they help startups in any industry and from whatever levels. The main goal is to help your business to succeed. Jade believes that the efforts to start any business are all the same.

Area of Operation

Currently, Jade provides business support services in Canada, focusing on Alberta companies.

Facebook Liveshow

Jade talks about his weekly Facebook Live show, which is usually every Wednesday at 9:30 am. He brings startup entrepreneurs to the show and lets them share their stories with the rest.

Connecting Businesses

Jade says that they have a diverse network and always know someone who can help if their team can’t. On another end, the company connects like-minded people who further form business partnerships.

Superpower Authenticity and honesty

Tune in and listen to our podcast as Jade talks about:

[00:39] Jade Alberts entrepreneurial journey
[01:53] Type of startups dealt with
[02:30] Industries that can get support
[03:10] Regions where the company operates
[04:12] Tell It Like It Is Facebook Live Show
[07:00] What differentiates the company from the rest. [09:30] Any other businesses

[13:18] Expanding the business
[16:47] The actual listeners to Jade’s podcast. [19:31] Awards won

Notable Quotes

‘’ Getting off the ground and starting your business, the guts of all businesses are the same.’’

‘’ Networking and connecting is the straw that stirs the drink when it comes to growing and making your business successful.’’

‘’ It is those little decisions that could cost you a lot of money.’’ Links

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